HealthFit Cardio Classes

XTreme Workout: This workout is only for the hard-core, dedicated, strong-willed fitness folks. It combines agility drills, strength exercises and plyometrics for a total-body workout.

Power Step: This class offers a series of strength, sculpt, and cardio-stepping exercises to tone your body. The resistance training and impact of stepping is great to strengthening bones!

Cardio Kickboxing: A high-intensity, cardiovascular, muscle-shaping action-packed exercise routine that combines martial arts, boxing and dance moves. You’ll get a challenging cardiovascular and full body workout as you kick, punch, block and move.

Morning Crunch: In a crunch for time to work out before work!? Blast some calories with this total body workout. This class will challenge all levels with given modifications by the instructor.

Progressive LIT: Low Impact Tabata: This Tabata class is inclusive to participants of all fitness levels. 8 different exercises 8 different ways, 20 seconds at a time. Each rep will progress in complexity to warm up the body and build form to help keep joints moving safer. This class goes by fast! 5-8 minutes of stretches at the end to cool down.

Total Body Tone: Energize the core with strength and cardio exercises that target the abs, back, legs, and glutes. Finish off with a chance to let your core muscles relax with a stretching routine.

Zumba: A fusion of Latin and international music. Simple routines combining aerobic and fitness interval training that tone and sculpt the body.

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HealthFit is located just west of I-75 at the intersection of Clark Road and Rand Road.