HealthFit Cardio Classes

Boot Camp: This 55-minute class is a self-paced, full body, circuit conditioning for all levels. Participants work through a list of strength and cardio exercises, and class is over when all exercises are completed. Work hard and go home early.

Cardio Dance: Increase your heart rate with the beat of music as you dance up a sweat! Then, end with some strength exercises that will complete the full-body blast. Great for all levels!

Jazzercise: The world’s largest dance-fitness program, Jazzercise incorporates aerobics, yoga, salsa and Pilates. It focuses on coordination, balance, flexibility and muscle toning. Jazzercise is a good fit for all levels as it combines low- and high-impact movements.

XTreme Workout: This workout is only for the hard-core, dedicated, strong-willed fitness folks. It combines agility drills, strength exercises and plyometrics for a total-body workout.


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HealthFit is located just west of I-75 at the intersection of Clark Road and Rand Road.