HealthFit Sculpting Classes

Boot Camp: This 55-minute class is a self-paced, full body, circuit conditioning for all levels. Participants work through a list of strength and cardio exercises, and class is over when all exercises are completed. Work hard and go home early.

Core ’n’ More: Combination of core exercises, intervals & strength work.

HIIT List: This killer workout is a challenging and unique blend of strength and endurance, high-intensity interval training—all while listening to a list of top music hits.

Muscle Up: Get a complete body workout with weights, bands, and body weight. Working on form and technique to get the definition you’ve been looking for.

Power Hour: This class offers a series of strength, sculpt, and cardio exercises, repeat sets two or three times. Intermediate workout, can be modified for beginners.

Powerplex: This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.

Total Body Conditioning: Balance and agility drills that will challenge your core/postural muscles for strength, endurance and stability.

TRX: Use your body for resistance! Using the TRX suspension system and your body, you’ll get an effective workout for your core, strength and endurance. Weights also may be used.

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HealthFit is located just west of I-75 at the intersection of Clark Road and Rand Road.