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Wellness Coaching

In David's Own Words
I'm very glad I took the plunge and enrolled in the Wellness Coaching program at HealthFit. Each session was eye-opening, interactive, and fun; so much better than the mundane slide shows and note-taking you sometimes see. Deniese and her team of coaches and speakers really engaged the room and made things interesting and memorable. We did a lot of laughing, listening, and supporting each other.

We received hands-on experience with everything from nutrition planning and goal setting to circuit training, yoga, and pilates. We got to try many healthy food choices including my first ever "green smoothie" - yum! During the course of the program, I began tracking my “higi” health score and started logging my food intake with a nifty smartphone app that makes it almost effortless. I also managed to lower my body fat percentage just by paying attention to what I eat and getting at least a little exercise each day.

Most importantly, I developed the habit of thinking about wellness as part of my normal routine, not just when sick or attending a class. The value of that alone is immeasurable.

David Christian
HealthFit Member

Wellness Coaching at HealthFit is an innovative fusion of proven coaching techniques with health, fitness and nutrition expertise that is giving people a real and lasting blueprint for success. The “wellcoaching” approach has served as a game-changer for many facing significant personal health and wellness challenges. It can serve as a powerful tool for motivation and positive change.

Wellness coaching is a great way to improve your lifestyle habits. Sign-up for a 4-week program or a one-one-one session today. It’s guaranteed to get you motivated and moving, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. HealthFit’s 4-week Program Includes:

  • 4 Wellness Coaching Sessions with Deniese Kragel, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach
  • 1 Nutritional Consultation with Registered Dietitian
  • 1-month HealthFit Membership
  • 4 Scheduled Group Training Sessions
  • Resting Metabolic Assessment / Health Risk Assessment

One-on-one sessions by appointment only.

Next Session starts September 21. Sign-up today at the HealthFit front desk. For more details on the program please call (941) 917-7000.